BQM Block Quest Maker

Create & play puzzle packed dungeon of your own or share it with the world! Create & play! New dungeon RPG Maker has come to Nintendo SWITCH™!



What’s New

1.0.2 update

  • When wanting to change the initial direction of new Event, push directional buttons while holding an A button.
  • You can leave a tip to Builder if you liked his dungeon after you play it.
  • Golden Bags sometimes hidden in dungeons.
  • New Decoration Event that can show "Direction" and "Number".
  • Push "+" Button when in Dungeon information window to save dungeon to history and later play it offline.
  • You don't need pay gold when you retried.

Challenge dungeons!

Join worldwide battle royal and test your skills in dungeons created by other players! Puzzle stages, action stages, dungeons of various genres await you! Bombs, arrows, boxes, magic, which will one will you choose to solve mysteries?
Nintendo SWITCH™ version of game comes with plenty of built-in dungeons in Challenge Mode.

Create your own dungeons!

It’s your turn to make dungeon and embarrass others. At your disposal is Dungeon Editor - create original dungeon and test players around the world. Everything depends on you! Fix the entrance fee and set your eyes on becoming most popular creator. Become wealthy!
You don't need programming skills to become a game creator yourself. BQM is an easy game maker. You can build dungeons and easily share them with friends!

New feature of sharing private
dungeons with nearby friends.

In the Nintendo SWITCH™ version, there is a friend box function that allows you to send dungeons you made to friends nearby. Lets send dungeon to family and friends and have fun!

Daily update of new dungeons

{{dungeons.count}} dungeons are available now!